Small Electric Motor Repair

SPIT regional service centers offer dedicated small electric motor repair departments (‘shop within a shop’) focusing on low-voltage units up to 690 V, with experienced repair technicians, standardized work procedures and substantial cost savings. We service thousands of these units annually, such as IEC motors, annealing furnace base fan motors, spindle motors, custom-designed and industry-specific motors.

SPIT small motor repair technicians specialize in the small electric motors within their installed base, instead of bouncing back and forth between large and small motors. They make fast repair-or-replace decisions, working in repair cells engineered to reduce crane, work truck and cart interchanges (each repair shop uses SPIT Lean value stream mapping to reduce the travel time for small motors, which cuts our lead times substantially).

We can test, pinpoint electrical or mechanical failures, and make documented recommendations with the cost to repair or replace. Our in-house parts manufacturing and machine shop capabilities mean we can repair or replace critical components, for small electric motor repair that costs up to 35% less than new replacement units.

  • IEC motor repair
  • NEMA motor repair
  • Servo motor repair
  • Spindle motor repair
  • Arbor motor repair
  • Low-voltage DC motor repair
  • Gear motor repair
  • Custom design motor repair

SPIT small electric motor repair also provides pickup and delivery. For a cost-effective alternative to motor replacement, with lead times the competition can’t match, talk to your regional SPIT sales representative or contact us.