Industrial Balancing

At SPIT we offer a range of services including dynamic and static industrial balancing, vibration diagnostics, and fault investigation. We can perform static and dynamic industrial balancing, to the ISO1940-1-2003 standard, at the required quality grade (G1, G2.5, G6.3, etc)

We utilise a large variety of specialised equipment including a range of Schenck and Hoffmann hard bearing balancing machines. We use digital technology and provide detailed reports for every project; we keep these reports on record for 10 years. The full report is given to the client including the values of the residual unbalance.

The workshop consists of three Hard-Bearing Balancing Machines namely a R33, HL20.1 and H6BU. We also have field balancing equipment available.

The R33 Schenck
The smallest machine, the R33, has the ability of Dynamically Balancing components as low as 300 gram weight and up to 100 kilograms in both direct drive and belt drive arrangements.

The HL20.1 Hoffmann
The HL20.1  machine has a capacity of 15 kg up to 1.000 kg and can be arranged as a belt drive unit to take a work piece that may be up to 6.000 mm long between bearings.

The H6BU Schenck
With a 12.000 kg capacity, the H6BU is able to accept rotors that have a maximum diameter of 4.800 mm at a total length of 8 metres. The 20 tonne overhead crane situated above the machines ensures the work piece is positioned on the machine safely. This machine has been deliberately designed to take this scale of work and still has the sensitivity to balance to a grade of up to G0.4 to the ISO Standard. All machines are backed up with the latest Balance computer.

The periodical servicing and calibration of our balancing machines is very important so we can continue providing optimal productivity, accuracy and reliability. Our supplier regularly calibrates all the SPIT machines to the National Standard and ensures all mechanical and electrical components operate and function to their optimum level.

Field balancing

Field balancing is performed on-site at your facility. Examples of industries using our services are power generating plants, water & gas utilities, manufacturing facilities, pulp and paper mills, steel mills, and other commercial and industrial applications.

It is performed on all types of rotating machinery including fans, blowers, motor rotors, dryer cans, pump impellers, steam and gas turbine generators, rolls, etc.

SPIT uses sophisticated SKF Microlog and Bently-Nevada 2-plane portable balancing instruments.