Comprehensive Electric Motor and Generator Testing

We offer comprehensive testing to document recommendations, “as received” and “as shipped” performance, with multiple diagnostics to corroborate our findings and reveal trending. Data should be acquired over many years, otherwise you have a snapshot and you don’t know where you are on the curve.

We offer the following tests to help you increase process reliability and uptime for your motors and generators, with lower maintenance costs:

  • Full load testing through 1.500 kW
  • No load testing up to 20.000 kW
  • Run testing through 15.000 VAC / 1.000 VDC
  • Computerized core loss up to 300 kVA and 20.000 kW
  • Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)
  • Doble®
  • Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detector (EL CID)
  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Vibration analysis (Spectral)
  • Thermography
  • Polarization Index Test
  • Locked rotor testing
  • AC Hi-Pot to 30 kV
  • DC Hi-Pot to 30 kV
  • Resistivity
  • Megger®
  • Surge test