SPIT Repair Services

SPIT repair services include testing, repair and rewinds for small, large and extra-large AC & DC electric motors, generators, and mechanical and (power) electronic equipment. We offer authorised warranty repair with in-house coil manufacturing and power electronic repair to maintain single-source control over our quality and lead times

SPIT reliability engineers and technical specialists have industry-specific experience with static- and rotating electrical machines, troubleshooting, electrical testing and rewinding.

Our repair resources include:

  • Large Resin Rich Epoxy Impregnation tank
  • The largest Motor test stand (up to 1.600 kW at 15 kV) in a Benelux service center
  • One of the Largest burnout ovens in the Benelux
  • 300 kVA core loss tester capable of  core testing up to 20.000 kW
  • Dedicated clean winding area’s
  • Premium engineered insulation systems (up to 15 kV) with industry-leading 3-year warranties
  • In-house mechanical workshop to produce machine parts
  • Dedicated, cost-competitive small motor department for motors <= 690V
  • Motor repair thru 20.000 kW /15 kVAC and 10,000+ kW / 1.000 VDC

All SPIT regional service centers operate under one documented service standard for safety, quality, repair procedures and commercial terms. SPIT Lean, our culture of continuous improvement, drives our industry-leading quality and delivery in repair services. This company-wide commitment has its roots in the continuous improvement program that Toyota used to become the world’s number one car manufacturer. We’ve refined the basic principles of Lean for our service environments, with the idea of removing waste from our processes, use of space and inventories.

You can learn more about SPIT Lean here. To see continuous improvement in action during a shop tour, contact the SPIT regional service center closest to you or contact us.