Project Description

Electric motors driving fans and blowers in commercial and industrial fan applications typically run full-time and represent one of – if not THE – largest contributor to the end users’ power bills. Hence, producers of commercial and industrial fans and blowers are being driven by their customers to provide more energy-efficient systems.

Varying the speed of the motor dramatically improves the efficiency of the system and provides rapid payback on the investment. VSDs (variable speed drives) have therefore been widely and increasingly adopted, opening the door to consideration of the newest technologie motors, such as ABB’s SynRM Motors, for further improvement in efficiency

To date, the largest obstacle to adoption of the synchronous reluctance motors in air handling applications has been cost. ABB’s magnet-free design provides permanent magnet motor performance at a first cost that is more comparable to an induction motor, yielding significant energy savings and producing a very attractive payback on the small first cost premium.

Frame size is also often a consideration. The smaller the motor is, the lighter the construction can be designed.

When a 55 kW AC Induction motor failed operation, SPIT engineers worked closely together with the client to gain energy efficiency. SPIT used an ABB Synchronous Reluctance Motor (SynRM) of 55 kW together with an ABB ACS880 VSD. Since the original motor was a framesize 250 and the ABB SynRM motor was a framesize 225 an adapter plate has to be used to fit the new motor.

After completion of the installation and commissioning of the drive system we measured the energy usage of the new motor + drive combination; within eight months after start-up the client has a full pay-back of the modernisation of this system.

Some advantages of the synchronous reluctance motor technology:
– Magnet free design combining advantages of permanent magnet technology with simplicity and service friendliness of an induction motor
– Packages available for quadratic torque applications such as pumps and fans
– Competitive product offering compared to traditional or other new technologies
– Higher reliability through lower bearing temperature
– Designed exclusively for variable speed operation
– Advanced open loop control software
– Package efficiency verified