Project Description

Automated metal fabrication involves highly complex and sophisticated technology. With decades of robotic and automation experience, SPIT has the experience to offer a cutting edge easy-to-operate turn-key solution for metal fabrication.

For a customer in the Netherlands we developed a fully automated abrasive and blasting machine. The machine is fully automated by a PLC with >500 I/O and remote I/O stations via ProfiNet.

The functionality of the machine is sophisticated and a delicate process.

First the metal parts are fed into the machine. With a rotator all parts are flipped so that the burrs are facing upwards. The thickness of all plates is measured fully automated. After measurement the parts are being sanded to get rid of the burrs. With a second rotator all parts are flipped again. A second grinder is being used to grind the front facing site.

After this all parts are being moved by a magnetic plate crane onto the blasting bed. All parts are blasted to their final specification. With a customer engineered lift the parts are moved to a final processing step in production; the painting line.

SPIT was the sole responsible company in this order for all electrifying and automation tasks.

SPIT offers flexible and unique solutions for the metal fabrication industry, and can provide tailor made metal fabrication systems to suit your specifications.