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Petrochemical Repair Services

SPIT offers single-source capabilities for refinery and petrochemical repair services and maintenance for static- and rotating electrical equipment, with extensive experience with “Large Machines,” large and extra large process-critical electric motors and generators up to 15 kV.

We have extensive experience in working with low- (up to 690 V), medium- (up to 6.9 kV) and high-voltage (up to 15 kV) machines, including main compressor motors, induction motors, pumping motors and synchronous motors and generators. Our experience in medium- and high-voltage motors includes complete diagnostic capabilities, including vibration analysis, thermography, motor circuit evaluation, partial discharge, core loss testing, Megger, Hi-Pot and surge testing.

Specializing in:

  • Main compressor motor repair
  • Pipeline booster station motor repair
  • Pipeline compressor station motor repair
  • Rubbermixer installations
  • Plastics Extruder applications
  • Air separation motor repair
  • Induction motor repair
  • Pumping motor repair
  • Synchronous motor repair
  • Synchronous generator repair
  • Low and Medium Voltage Power Electronics

SPIT can increase your drive system effectiveness with reliability and plant performance improvement, professional maintenance management and systematic energy efficiency improvement 

SPIT service agreements are long-term, performance-based agreements in which SPIT commits to maintain and improve the production and equipment performance, energy efficiency and reliability for an entire facility with an agreed cost base.

For over 20 years we have been the partner of choice for several performance based maintenance agreements within various industries.

Certified for repairing equipment used in explosive atmospheres

Repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex equipment can be challenging. It’s not that easy to safeguard the asset integrity with this special equipment. SPIT is fully certified for a safe repair of these products. SPIT is a IECEx-03-5 Certified Service Facility and is certified by Dekra. For many OEMs the workshops of SPIT are also certified to do warranty repairs on hazardous area equipment.

We are certified for off-site and on-site repair and overhaul of Ex d, Ex e, Ex n, Ex o, Ex p and Ex t rotating and static electrical drive and control systems, motors, transformers & generators. Non-electrical equipment, mainly pumps, fans and gearboxes with types of protection b, c, d and k

Field services

SPIT field services draw on technical resources that far exceed the scope of most independent service operations. All of our predictive and preventive maintenance services, engineering, embeds, equipment commissioning and teardowns are available as managed programs or integrated with your in-house resources.

We combine predictive and preventive services to help your petrochemical operation move from a reactive, repair-focused stance to a proactive maintenance program designed for improved reliability and uptime. SPIT predictive services include vibration and modal analysis on power electronics, motors, fans and blowers, motor efficiency testing, Doble and Partial Discharge testing, thermography and ultrasonic testing. We offer dye penetrant testing to check fan wheels for cracks and pre-warranty expiration inspections and consults on all motors and mechanical components. All information is stored in a web based system with outstanding, measurable, results for the improvement of reliability and uptime.

SPIT preventive maintenance services include cryogenic, dry ice cleaning for fans and blowers, dynamic balancing and precision laser alignment and lubrication programs.

 Emergency repair and outage support

Our Field Services also include supplemental maintenance, including emergency repair and outage support, disaster recovery programs, and engineering services, including installed base evaluations and application/design solutions.

New product sales

As part of our single-source commitment to delivering reliability for petrochemicals and refinery maintenance, we back our repair and field services with new product sales. We also bundle sales with equipment removal and installation.

For more information on our petrochemicals repair services, contact your regional SPIT sales representative or contact us.