Metals and Steel Mill Motor Repair

SPIT combines single-source capabilities and deep experience in metals and steel mill motor repair. Our European network of regional service centers place us in every major steel market in the E.U., for immediate-response emergency repair services and outage support.

We supply electric motor and generator repair services, field services and new product sales, as well as remanufacturing, in-house stator coil manufacturing of B-Stage fully cured coils and VPI engineered insulation systems. Whether we’re working within a planned outage window or fast-tracking emergency services, we deliver with turn times the competition can’t come close to matching (SPIT Lean, our company-wide continuous improvement culture, continues to improve the industry’s leading turn times).

Large DC motor and generator repair

Much of our work in steel mills focuses on large DC armatures and field frames. Most mills run their large DC motors at 250% overload — over time, this results in predictable problems. We have extensive experience in reconditioning and rewinding large DC motors. We also diagnose and correct ground issues and carbon buildup on brushes, correct burning on leading and trailing edges, and remove surface contamination, such as pickling and acid damage.

We can transport large DC motors to our service centers or rewind on site. Our DC rewinds offer significant improvements in dielectric and thermal performance, as today’s insulating materials are superior to those used by OEMs in the 20th century.

AC motor and generator rewind technologies

Developed in the research laboratory and backed by decades of use in motors and generators around the world, SPIT engineered insulation systems provide the reliability and performance for your most demanding applications. SPIT rewind technologies are available with electric motor redesign or uprates, and mechanical modifications to enclosures, shafts, seals, fans and bearings.

Replacing obsolete drive & control systems

SPIT has te experience and knowledge when it comes to retrofitting old – obsolete – drive and control systems. For instance SPIT can upgrade old DC Drives with the latest controls and keeping the motor and Power Stack of the existing drive. Saving you time and money. But SPIT can do more; we retrofitted a 5-stand cold rolling mill driven by three seven large DC Motors. Our solution was based on new ABB Digital DCS800 DC Drives communicating via ProfiNET with a SIEMENS S7 controller and SCADA system. SPIT re-engineered the speed-reference chain from the bottom up. This lead to a quality improvement of >20% with an increased line speed. This Project had a lead time from ramp-down to machinestart in fourteen days.

In-house coil manufacturing

SPIT Almelo manufactures a wide range of stator, rotor, armature and field coils up to 15 kV. In-house manufacturing means better Quality Assurance and quick turn times for emergency repairs. Combining control of coil manufacturing with the rewind process ensures superior quality and performance with minimal downtime.

We have extensive engineering and manufacturing experience with all major OEM coil designs, plus an engineering form coil database with over 100,000 design configurations.

Comprehensive Testing

SPIT has the industry’s most advanced array of diagnostics, to validate recommendations, document “as received” and “as shipped” performance, and support one standard for quality.
AC test panel to 2.000 kVA / 15 kV
DC test panel to 1,2o0 A / 1,000 VDC
No-load testing to 20.000 kW
Dynamometer load testing to 1.500 kW
500 kVA Core loss testing
Additional in-shop/ on-site diagnostics:
• Doble®
• Partial discharge
• Corona probe

Field services

SPIT field services deliver resources and capabilities to you. Whether we’re mobilizing for an emergency or working within a planned outage, we bring more experienced technicians and more tools to the job.

We supply a complete range of field-services for AC and DC motors (including specialty motors and older, unsupported units), embedded generators and mechanical components — gearboxes, pumps, compressors and fans. Over time, we can help move your operation from a reactive, repair-focused approach to more cost-efficient, planned maintenance.

Our dedicated field service teams have spent years on-site in mills and metal plants, troubleshooting, developing highly engineered solutions and keeping downtime to a minimum. They’re backed by some of the industry’s leading thinkers in testing, maintenance and repairs.

Mechanical repairs

We specialize in mechanical services and mill work on large, highly engineered components. SPIT repair technicians have spent years working on the mechanical power transmission components in mills and metals manufacturing. We also rebuild gearboxes, pumps and blowers. Our machining services include:

Vertical milling
Horizontal milling
Planer milling
Pressing up to 600 tons
Diamond burnishing
Nickel brush plating
Flame spray metalizing
Sub-Arc/MIG/TIG welding
Bearing rebabbitting

Custom Manufacturing

Have an old synchronous or adjustable speed motor you can’t replace? SPIT remanufactures both, along with large and extralarge DC motors, generators, transformers and rectifiers — all to OEM spec. We also uprate for more power density and reliability.

SPIT reverse engineers older, unsupported assets and has national repair and service agreements with the leading OEMs. This gives our engineers and technicians access to OEM drawings, parts and engineering support, when you need a replacement motor and a substantially shorter lead time (thanks to SPIT Lean, we can deliver remanufactured units with turn times in months or even weeks).