SPIT Lean — Continuous Improvement

SPIT Lean is part of our culture of continuous improvement—a commitment to quality and safety that every SPIT associate holds as a shared value. SPIT Lean has its roots in the continuous improvement program that Toyota used to become the world’s number one car manufacturer. We’ve refined the principles of Lean for our service environments, using value stream mapping to eliminate waste from our processes, use of space and inventories.


SPIT was the first organisation in the electric motor repair industry in Europe to address Six Sigma. Removing non-value adding intervals from our work processes and optimising the value added time gives us a major competitive advantage. Our goal is to provide services with the highest possible Quality at the lowest possible cost, do it with lead times the competition can’t match, and without breaking a sweat.

You can see SPIT Lean in action by arranging a shop tour at one of our  regional service centers. This commitment to continuous improvement is the key to our industry-leading Quality and lead times, focusing people and resources at an operational tempo that has to be seen to be believed. To schedule your shop tour or learn more about how SPIT Lean supports your maintenance and reliability objectives, talk to your regional SPIT sales representative or contact us.