About SPIT

Who we are
SPIT electrical mechanics is a leading independent provider of engineering, delivery, repair and maintenance services for power electronics, electric motors, generators and mechanical power transmission components. We provide our services on static- and rotating electrical machines all over Europe, integrating repair services, field services and product sales to customers working in continuous process, asset-intensive industries.

Our strengths
Our most important strengths are:

  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Competence
  • Knowledge
  • Service provider
  • Consideration
  • Professional approach

Strengthening our service
By establishing a collaborative partnership with our employees, suppliers and service partners, we will always try to strengthen our service. We will support them with a perfect mix of technology and personal service. We understand that in the end people buy from people in our business and that teamwork will eventually lead to sustainable growth.

Our dedication to provide the best
We want to be recognized as a company that reaches the highest standards, and that dedicates quality and excellence to all our transactions:

  • with our clients, by providing them the best;
  • with our colleagues, by rewarding them and developing their individual skills and talents;
  • with our service partners, by being open, honest, loyal and reliable;
  • with our competitors, by competing fairly and cooperating with them;
  • with (local) communities, by causing no inconvenience and protecting the environment.

Correct leadership
SPIT’s management is determined to provide you an excellent example. They want to earn and keep the loyalty and support of all interesting parties. This secures our long-term success and the future of those who are dependent on the company.

Give us your opinion
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