Emergency Repair and Outage Support

Our national resources and the standardisation and interoperability of SPIT regional service centers are most evident in our emergency response and outage support. The SPIT hub-and-spoke system of regional service centers allow us to apply more resources — more ride-out teams, field services technicians, trucks, cranes, test equipment for large motors and generators, and critical spares—all to have you back online fast with minimal downtime.

Whether you’re facing heat waves or storms and flooding, or unplanned downtime from pipes bursting or motors failing, we’ll have our people on-site fast, to give you the power outage support and disaster recovery assistance you need. Our emergency repair and outage support includes on-site diagnostics, desalination if necessary, and replacement of mission-critical electrical equipment, including installation and alignment. SPIT has years of experience with contingency planning, disaster recovery and replacement motor sourcing, so we view emergencies as just another day on the job.

If you’re concerned with your local repair shop’s ability to handle contingency planning and disaster recovery management, then it might be time to talk with the emergency response and outage support experts at SPIT. For more information, contact us or call your regional SPIT service center.