Your electric assets are critical to your plant’s operating efficiency and reliability, but chances are they’re overdriven and prone to failure. Our Training Courses will show you how to maintain static and rotating assets at peak operating efficiency, giving you the tools you need to lower your maintenance costs and increase reliability.

Each high-intensity course is taught by leading industry experts, takes you inside AC and DC equipment. You learn how they run, what environmental and operating conditions do to electrical and mechanical components, and how to recognise early-stage problems — before they lead to failure.

Understanding your static and rotating assets is critical to getting more out of them. It also helps you work more effectively with your power services provider, whether you’re working within a planned outage or responding to an emergency.

If you’re ready to move from a repair-focused stance with its unplanned downtime, emergency costs and low reliability — to the cost efficiency and uptime of a predictive maintenance-based program, then the first step are the SPIT Training Courses. To learn more, call your regional SPIT sales representative or contact us.

  • For electricians, technicians and maintenance personnel
  • High-intensity curriculum covers operating theory, testing and maintenance for various equipment
  • Taught by industry-leading experts
  • Learn how to identify motor construction, components and applications
  • Learn how to recognise early-stage operating problems and develop action plans
  • Develop a better understanding of predictive and preventive services
  • Move toward the cost efficiency and uptime of a predictive maintenance-based operation