Rewind Technologies

SPIT offers three of the industry’s leading rewind technologies. Our premium engineered insulation systems come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty. Their superior performance improves efficiency ratings and often permit design up-rates. In addition to electrical performance improvements, mechanical modifications to enclosures, brackets, shafts, seals and bearings are available.

SPIT Premium Insulation Systems

  • SpiKE-Guard® LV (up to 1.000V with IGBT-inverter supply) with 3-year warranty
  • SpiKE-Seal® MV (up to 6.9 kV) with 3-year warranty
  • SpiKE-Form® form wound Coils for DC Machines
  • Standard rewind with 1-year warranty

SPIT provides in-house coil manufacturing for its own motor and generator rewinding, to maintain single-source control over quality and lead time.