Electrical Machine Condition Monitoring at Spanish Paper Plant

For the most part, generators are very efficient, and are typically quite reliable. They do need attention from time to time, however, to prevent disastrous failures that could end up costing millions of Euro’s, and causing long wait times for replacement parts. […]


SPIT installs Synchronous Reluctance Motor technology at Plastics plant

Electric motors driving fans and blowers in commercial and industrial fan applications typically run full-time and represent one of – if not THE – largest contributor to the end users’ power bills. Hence, producers of commercial and industrial fans and blowers are being driven by their customers to provide more energy-efficient systems. […]


Automated metal fabrication

Automated metal fabrication involves highly complex and sophisticated technology. With decades of robotic and automation experience, SPIT has the experience to offer a cutting edge easy-to-operate turn-key solution for metal fabrication. For a customer in the Netherlands we developed a fully automated abrasive and blasting machine. The machine is fully automated by a PLC with [...]


Rapid repair of a 4.000 kWe Generator

For a rural town close to Stavanger (Norway) a small powerplant of 4.000 kWe delivers heat and enough electrical energy to the inhabitants. The installation uses straw to generate steam that heats the town and drives the generator delivering enough electrical power for this town. A real eco-friendly solution. In the beginning of march 2014 [...]


SPIT delivers 2.100 kW Low Voltage motor

Our customer is a waste-processing company that actually generates energy. The company processes the waste from every household and many of the businesses in a Dutch region. The waste is safely sorted using state-of-the-art technology, made suitable for reuse, composted, incinerated or – only as a last resort – deposited in a landfill. Over 90% [...]


Retrofit DC Drive System Powerplant

For E.ON Energy we modernised a DC mulidrive system based on the obsolete ASEA Tyrak 8 DC Drives (YGMK). The system consists of two drives of 300A and three drives with a nominal current of 1.400 A, both at 620Vdc. For the two small drives we used the new ABB DCS800-E digital DC Drives as [...]