SPIT electrical mechanics carried out a major overhaul on a large turbo generator last month as a crucial part of reducing maintenance costs and increasing the reliability of this generator.

The generator has a nominal power of more than 100 MVA, a rated voltage of 10,500 V and 3,000 rpm shaft speed and is operated by a large European energy company.

Disassembly, complete inspection, maintenance and assembly of the generator carried out on site, including pulling the 30-tonne rotor and dismantling, assembling and inspecting the rotor winding retaining rings.

Extensive measurements of the high-voltage insulation have been carried out using our mobile measuring equipment for electrical machine diagnostics (EMD) on site.

We are proud of our dedicated team of technicians who successfully completed this project within the given – tight – timeframe.

SPIT electrical mechanics is an independent service provider with a clear focus on the total electromechanical powertrain up to hundreds of MW. Our main vision is to reduce risks while improving performance.