We are proud to announce that IRIS Power and Spit Electrical Mechanics join forces in the field of online condition monitoring in high voltage power systems. SPIT will be representative for IRIS Power products in the Benelux region. SPIT will not only engineer and install these innovative IRIS Power products at critical customer-assets, but provide all kind of services and support to customers as well.

Online condition monitoring systems are key solutions to achieve the benefits of condition based maintenance. This maintenance strategy lower maintenance costs significantly, prevent for unnecessary outages and realize high reliability of critical assets, like generators, motors and transformers.

IRIS Power, a member of the global leading Qualitrol group, provides high-quality products to improve maintenance capabilities for large motors and generators used by power utilities and heavy industries throughout the world, for more then 40 years.

SPIT Electrical Mechanics offers full life cycle services for industrial power systems, rotating and static conversion equipment. Our current position, technical knowledge and experience in Electrical Machine Diagnosis in combination with the unique IRIS Power proven products and references makes the application of online condition monitoring possible. Our services are objective and independent, regardless of the product brand.

Additionally to our offline Electrical Machine Diagnosis, maintenance, overhaul and inspections services on site, SPIT is now able to offer new services:
• determination of the true condition of large electrical machines during operation
• remote monitoring of electrical machines, continuously or periodically without machine standstill
• accurate prediction and prevention for failures in generators, large motors, (dry type) transformers and air-insulated switchgear.

The IRIS Power diagnostic instrumentation is a result of years of scientific research and practical field experience that help professionals to extend the life of electrical machines at minimum cost. IRIS Power instruments perform equipment online monitoring to:

• assess insulation ageing and deterioration through Partial Discharge Analysis
• diagnose rotor shorted turns through magnetic flux analysis
• recognize motor insulation hazards such as voltage surges
• detect stator endwinding vibration

Engineers from SPIT are fully trained and certified by IRIS Power after following extensive training at IRIS HQ in Toronto (CA).

More information? Feel free to contact us! For a free webinar see the video below.