SPIT is an leading independent provider of power services for large rotating equipment for one reason. We have extensive ways to test, repair, rewind, remanufacture and reverse engineer than most others in the business.
Whether we’re working within an outage window, or providing emergency response and outage support, we minimize downtime.

Eric van der Hoofd (Account Manager at SPIT) shares a heartwarming story about how two SPIT locations came together to get the job done: “A Dutch Energy Company gave us seven days for a turnkey removal, refurbishment and reinstallation on an high voltage AC Induction machine,” he says.

“Given the timing and the size — this was an 8.300 kW, 10 kV unit weighing 21.000 kilograms — we called Papendrecht for more field service manpower. “Thanks, everyone—including those technicians in our Almelo Location for following customers tight planning.”

Comprehensive on-site services
Our dedicated field service teams of large machines professionals mobilize a complete set of resources, focusing on predictive and preventive services that extend service life, improve reliability and efficiency, and eliminate unplanned downtime.
• Equipment removal and installation

• Emergency and outage support

• Disaster assessment/recovery programs

• AC & DC motor and generator repair

• Stator and armature rewinding

• Mechanical machining and repair

For specific details dit overzicht on our experience with your industry’s big iron and the SPIT single-source approach to delivering reliability, talk to your regional SPIT sales representative or visit one of our locations.