When a Siemens asynchronous motor for a large scale chemical plant in the Netherlands failed during operation, SPIT was asked to a fast-track repair on a Siemens 2-pole asynchronous machine. The plant was just before a mayor overhaul of one of their installations. The repair included a complete mechanical repair of both shaft end’s and the sleeve bearings and also the rewinding of the stator. SPIT choose the Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) technology for the rewind.

VPI rewinds usually are recommended for motors and generators working in harsh environments, where abrasive particles such as fly ash or chemicals such as sulfuric acid can attack the motor or generator insulation materials and coils. The primary objective was to ensure the insulation system is engineered to the specific reliability and performance requirements from this demanding customer.

“We went with the 100% solid epoxy resin and Nomex® M tapes, and this unit was good to go. We did it on time and within the budget, of course.” according to project manager Leen Keesmaat from SPIT electrical mechanics.

SPIT was rebuilding the complete machine from scratch and installed it in the installation of our customer.

Going above and beyond – and treating the extraordinary as just another day on the job – makes a big difference for our customers.