The Dutch papermaker Parenco has extended its contract with SPIT for the maintenance of electrical drive systems at its production site in Renkum, the Netherlands. The extension of the contract is mainly focused on advanced lifecycle services related to their important electrical motor driven systems of the complex and heavy machinery. The contract is signed for a long periode.

The collaboration concerns an integrated full service performance contract and covers all technical maintenance work to be carried out on static and rotating electrical equipment. Parenco and SPIT have been working together intensively since 1998. SPIT sees the extension of the contract with the Parenco as an appreciation for her performance in the past. “The long-term partnership with Parenco has given us the opportunity to make progress in the area of safety, leadership and continuous improvement in the performance of the Parenco installations. This leads to sustainable success,” says Mark Ent, CEO of SPIT electrical mechanics.

Efficient process

The work is carried out at about all 4.200 rotating assets of Parenco, concerns the repair & overhaul, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and annual major maintenance of static and rotating electrical equipment. Through this multi-year maintenance contract, operated as efficiently as possible, the time that the plant is not in operation will be limited to an absolute minimum. SPIT played a significant role in improving the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in this process during the last decade.

According to Parenco, SPIT distinguished themselves through their proactive and customer-oriented attitude, as well as through their excellent digitally structured and transparent workflow. Parenco will not only have the opportunity to get more and better information, but also to the opportunity to benchmark all their assets against the average industry standard. Parenco has online access to all their assets via the web based customer portal of SPIT.

Unique commercial solution
The main product of Parenco is Paper. To produce as much paper as possible with the available equipment is vital in securing a sustainable future for the paper mill. SPIT takes it’s full responsibility in this contract by getting payed only for the produced tonnage of paper per year. If the mill runs well, the result for both SPIT AND Parenco is improving. Both parties are on the same site of the table to get the best result from their joint Maintenance Efforts.

About Parenco
For over a century now, Parenco has been a household name on the Lower Rhine at Renkum (NL). The paper mill was built in 1912 and in 2012 the company celebrated their centenary. During the company’s eventful history, much has changed in the paper-making process and in the organizational structure.

The company has a yearly turnover of approximately € 140 million and operates two paper machines PM1 and PM2.

PM1 has a capacity of 265,000 tonnes per year and is used for the production of so-called SC-B paper for magazines and advertising brochures.

With the other machine, PM2, Parenco made newsprint paper until 2009. This machine is currently out of use, but with the necessary adjustments it can be made suitable for production of paper, cartonboard or hygiene products.