SPIT electrical mechanics, a leader in the motor service industry, understands the costs associated with plant downtime. Because motors are a key link in production systems, maximising the reliability and life-cycle of a motor can have significant financial benefits to plant operators. To help monitor and maintain the performance of your critical motors, SPIT electrical mechanics uses standard workflows for all types of static- and rotating electrical machines. In the movie attached we demonstrate a standard overhaul of an AC Induction Motor in our Almelo Workshop.

Motor Maintenance and Repair Services

An important feature is SPIT’s expert motor maintenance and repair services. SPIT has been providing quality AC and DC electric motor service and repair for more than 75 years to our clients worldwide. We service equipment from many manufacturers and from a wide range of industries, including motors used in special applications.

You can trust trained experts to ensure that the correct materials and procedures are applied to provide the reliability, quality, and performance you require.

Our motor services include:

  • Test and inspection
  • Failure analysis and diagnostics
  • Rebuilds and repairs
  • Stator rewinds
  • Coil manufacturing
  • Insulation system upgrades
  • 1K-Epoxy Resin Rich impregnation
  • Replacement parts (exchange program)
  • New motors
  • Equipment management programs
  • Engineering support with on-site field engineering available as needed
  • Full on-site service capabilities
  • Emergency response, 24×7

By offering an outstanding selection of service options from repairs and refurbishment to new units, SPIT can help you keep your operation “up and running” with experience you can trust.