There is increasing concern among end users and power companies about the harmful effects of harmonics. Harmonic distortion may disturb or even damage sensitive equipment connected in the same environment. Harmonic standards are thus becoming stricter and there is a growing demand for low harmonic solutions.

SPIT electrical mechanics offers an easy solution to the problem of harmonics for many years now. The solution itself is incorporated in the active front-end drive, eliminating the need for any additional filtering equipment or complicated and large multi-pulse transformer arrangements. With a lot of reference projects in low-harmonic drives the demand for a product for harsh outdoor conditions was increasing. Our partner ABB now developed a standard drive for this demand; the ABB ACS800-38 low-harmonic frequency inverter drives for outdoor use.

Designed for harsh outdoor conditions, this rugged drive is easy to transport
to sites where no fixed facilities are present. The drive eliminates harmonics and offers optional application control programs. Improving both production and reliability, the low harmonic drive is the solution for even the most remote locations including desert and offshore environments.

For now the low-harmonic frequency inverter drives for outdoor use is available in the voltage and power range from 110 up to 355 kW / 380 up to 690 Volts.

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