A customer in the Netherlands contacted SPIT electrical mechanics after a failure of one of its 10,5 kV AEG Salient Pole generator units following several years of trouble free operation.

During a regular inspection SPIT engineers measured insulation values that where not expected. On reviewing the measurements thought the generator looked recoverable, however the customer feared the worst.

A SPIT electrical engineer visited the site and conducted a full appraisal of the generator, the rotor was removed and the rotor and stator were tested to determine if the generator was indeed recoverable. The results of the tests were favourable and the decision was taken to cryogenic cleaning of the stator and refurbish the rotor in the nearest SPIT workshop.

A coordinated recovery program was undertaken by the SPIT Almelo office, the rotor was refurbished at the SPIT facility in Almelo, The Netherlands and the stator was cleaned on site by engineers from Breda and Almelo branches.

The 11-ton rotor was moved to Almelo,  was re-tested and the windings overhauled, tested again and coated with 1K Epoxy-resin. When the resin has cured the windings were over-coated with a grey oxide anti-tracking air drying varnish. The rotor was dynamically balanced to OEM specifications.

Upon delivery to site, engineers from SPIT electrical mechanics re-assembled, installed and re-commissioned the generator, successfully returning the machine back to full commercial operation within 8 working days after the initial phone call from the customer super kamagra.

The refurbishment of the Salient Pole generator reinforces SPIT electrical mechanics ability to successfully carry out repairs and refurbishments on generators of any age or type.