For a Dutch paper mill we repaired a sectional inverter drive module after an mayor outage. The customer called our service department around 11 o’clock in the evening. During an on-site survey service engineers of SPIT discovered a damaged IGBT module. The repair was to complex to complete this successfully on-site and the decision was taken to repair the module in the closed SPIT workshop.

After cleaning, replacement of the IGBT modules and full-load testing in our Almelo workshop the repaired module was brought back to service within 16 hours after the initial service call.

SPIT understands the importance of constant availability of drives for your business. When equipment fails, it causes costly downtime and ad hoc repair. That is why SPIT drive service workshops offer you high-quality re- conditioning and repair services. SPIT has vast know-how on diagnostics 
and thorough understanding of the latest multi-level testing processes
 and maintenance technologies. Those hier, combined with the practical experience of SPIT’s specialists, ensure consistent practises to maintain your drive in our drive service workshop. Our authorised drive service workshop offer repair and software upgrades in dust-free, electrostatic discharge protected areas. Before repair, the drives are thoroughly cleaned, and after repair, fully tested.

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