When a Siemens 540 kW high voltage motor failed at a metals manufacturers plant in the Netherlands, SPIT electrical mechanics attended site to investigate the fault. The motor in question drives a fan that cooled the metal products after they had been manufactured before being wrought further along the process. The motor had to be replaced urgently as this stopped the whole process and stopped thousands of tons of metal from being manufactured and was causing serious problems throughout the factory. The whole process stopped and the breakdown was costing a lot of money in downtime.

SPIT engineers attended site within three hours from the initial phone call. The customer had a spare motor that the SPIT engineers installed including laser-alignment of the shaft. The SPIT engineers checked and measured important values before returning to process reducing downtime to a minimum.

The swift action of the Service Team and their technical knowledge of the motor and application ensured full production super kamagra within a short periode of time. SPIT’s internal fleet of trucks and lifting equipment assured no additional time was lost for transportation.

The engineers from SPIT electrical mechanics managed to carry out the removal and replacement of the high voltage motor and production returned within 8 hours from first phone call to completion.

Just another day at the office for the SPIT electrical mechanics Service Department!