AkzoNobel is standardizing key equipment across Business Units and countries

The primary goal of the Standardization Project within AkzoNobel was to standardize equipment across Industrial Chemicals sites and deliver a frame agreement that covered both equipment supply and service. The first pilot in the electrical motor category has been a success. 

Besides considerably reducing the number of types of motors, a cross country frame agreement was achieved that will lead to year on year savings. The designed standardization process of equipment is now a proven process that will be used to further standardize other key equipment.

On january 1st, AkzoNobel signed an agreement with their new preferred vendor, SPIT electrical mechanics. SPIT will supply all the AkzoNobel production sites with all electrical motors up to IEC framesize 400 for the next four years and service these along with currently installed electrical motors. After a thorough tender process SPIT proved to be the most reliable partner to assist with the implementation of the standardisation.

Objective Standardisation Project

The Standardisation Project’s primary objective is to design and implement a Strategic Standardization Process, which enables AkzoNobel to standardize its main equipment across the different locations and Business Units.
The pilot project in the category of electrical motors is now in the implementation phase. As a result AkzoNobel will reduce the number of different types of motors by more than 50%. Additionally, there are cost savings by pooling the purchasing and servicing of most of AkzoNobel’s electrical motors, through a broad cross country framework contract.

This contract is open, which means that any other AkzoNobel Business Unit can make use of this already standardized equipment process along with the frame contract.

In the project (a delegation of the various disciplines was involved from the different locations and experts from AkzoNobel Projects & Engineering) the market trends and standards on electrical motors have been carefully analyzed and AkzoNobel’s way of making use of these standards in the future has been simplified.

SPIT’s Database provides insight in electrical motors

The AkzoNobel project team and Procurement together conducted the tender where SPIT distinguished themselves through their proactive and customer-oriented attitude, as well as through their excellent digitally structured and transparent workflow. Koop goedkope Kamagra veilig online. AkzoNobel will not only have the opportunity to standardize electrical motors, but also to build a complete and accurate database that provides insight in their currently used electrical motors.